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020 _a9781440341670
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_aGreenwood, Katie
245 _a100 Years of color
_b: Beautiful images & inspirational palettes from a century of innovative art, illustration & design
260 _aOhio
_bHow Design Books
300 _a229p.
_bHard Bound
_c21.6*15.7 cm
520 _aA perfect source of inspiration for any professional in the visual arts, this innovative book presents one hundred sensational examples of eye-opening color design, complete with all the information you need to reproduce them faithfully on screen or in print.
_bPainstakingly selected to tell the story of color's evolution through the 20th century, each of the original artworks is accompanied by a newly made color chart illustrating the different effects achieved when altering the dominant color. These invaluable schemes, combined with accurate RGB and CMYK references, make this an essential handbook for anyone working in interior design, graphic design, illustration, fashion, or any of the visual arts.
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