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New Delhi CBS Publishers & Distributers 2004 . 572p. 25.

Shaheen Momin commented on : The second volume of The Strength of Materials is written principally for research engineers, and designers. The book contains the new developments that are of practical importance in the fields of strength of materials and theory of elasticity.

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New comment on Textbook of engineering geology http://opac.aiktclibrary.org:5000//cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=14582#comments By Rawat, Suman.

Pune Nirali Prakashan 2020 . 6.21p. 24.5*18.2 cm.

Prabha Joshi commented on : Need of the Book: Engineering Geology is a branch of Geology where the principles of Geology are applied to Civil Engineering problems. Nearly 40% of the Civil Engineering structure fail due to poor geological conditions at the construction site. This subject was introduced to the Civil Engineering Branch to equip the Civil Engineers with the knowledge of Geology to ensure success of Civil Engineering Projects. There was an urgent need of the Engineering Geology book for Civil Engineers, written by Geologist which can explain the complex geological processes in a much simpler way. Salient Features of the Book: In view of the revised syllabus ( R-19, C- scheme) this Engineering Geology book has been introduced by 3 Geologists. An effort has been taken to present the content in correct and easier way for the Civil Engineers. The content is explained with neat sketches wherever necessary. Illustrative examples and numerical problems given for exercise will help students to understand the nature of rock mass and apply the knowledge while actually working at the site. The application based new subtopics have been presented by referring many renowned books of Geology and made available in compact format which otherwise is difficult to find. Geological Maps play a very important role in evaluation of a site for Civil Engineering projects. Complete methodology of making a cross-section from the given map and interpretation of geological conditions based on that is given in the book with many solved examples. The book covers the entire syllabus along with the chapter-end summary through ‘points to remember’ and exercise at the end of each module.The multiple choice questions based on each module will help students to test their own knowledge and prepare for MPSC and other related exams in future.

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